The AGIGARAM product family merges NAND Flash, DRAM and an ultracapacitor power source into a highly reliable non-volatile memory system. The innovative memory subsystem delivers unlimited read/write performance at RAM speeds, while also safely backing up all DRAM data when power is interrupted.

Our AGIGARAM SDRAM product, the first product introduced by AgigA Tech and an industry first, provides densities up to 64MB. Offered as a full turnkey system in a small form factor, it can be used to enable many value-add system features such as zero standby, power interruption immunity, instant on/recovery, write caching/posting, data logging, service/maintenance processing, journaling, unified memory architectures, and UPS replacement /redundancy.

Key Features

  • Up to 64MB Non-Volatile RAM with SDRAM Interface
  • High-speed 100 MHz SDRAM
  • 200 MB/second peak transfers
  • Integrated battery-free power source
  • I2C command/control bus
  • 3.3V VCC for 4MB to 32MB, 5.0V VCC for 64MB
  • 200 pin SO-DIMM
  • 0 to 70°C Operation Temp
  • Up to 10-year Operating Life

Target Applications

  • Embedded Systems
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Gaming Systems

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