AGIGARAM® is a new class of non-volatile memory developed to meet the need for higher-density, higher-performance memory for enterprise storage and server applications. By combining DRAM, Flash, an intelligent system controller, and an ultracapacitor power source, AGIGARAM provides a highly reliable memory subsystem that runs with the latency and endurance of the fastest DRAM, while also having the persistence of Flash.

Until recently, designers have reluctantly used batteries to maintain their data during power outages. Others have moved toward new flash-based technologies for memory persistence, but this option still falls well short of DRAM in terms of latency, speed, endurance, and reliability. AGIGARAM enables the fastest possible system performance while also eliminating the many headaches associated with batteries, such as hazardous material disposal, long charge times, limited operating life, extensive maintenance, and a high total cost of ownership.


AgigA Tech’s third-generation DDR3 NVDIMM products have been designed to easily integrate into the DIMM slots of industry-standard server and storage platforms. During normal operation, the NVDIMM appears as a standard registered DDR3 DIMM to the host system, providing all of the benefits of high-speed, high-density DRAM. In the event of an unexpected power loss, the critical data residing in DRAM is moved to on-board flash memory using a battery-free power source based on ultracapacitors, (PowerGEM®), thereby preserving all the DRAM data, which can then be safely restored when power is returned.

The AGIGASAFE™ control protocol is a simple-to-use I2C programming interface that ensures safe, reliable, secure operation at the system level. This protocol allows fine control over system “internals” such as managing the NAND Flash while providing precise health monitoring and tracking. The complex system readiness has also been reduced to a single “Good To Go” (or GTG) status, allowing the host to know when all system safe parameters are valid.

AgigA Tech has pioneered the use of a battery-free power source based on ultracapacitor technology for this application. All AgigA Tech products utilize ultracapacitors that have gone through rigorous reliability and accelerated life testing at AgigA Tech’s reliability test lab, which has been operational for over 4 years.

Key Features

  • Third generation DDR3 NVDIMM
  • 1GB/2GB/4GB densities (x8, single rank)
  • Up to DDR3-1600 performance
  • Battery-free ultracapacitor power supply
  • No maintenance or conditioning required
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Designed to work with industry standard MBs
  • Unlimited read/write cycles, no wear issues
  • Integrated flash management with ECC
  • Variable partitioning support
  • Power glitch immunity
  • AGIGASAFE™ protocol for reliable operation
  • Real-time in-system health monitoring/tracking
  • Online firmware upgrade support
  • JEDEC standard 240-pin RDIMM form factor
  • 22mm DIMM height
  • 0 °C to 55 °C operating temperature*
  • Up to 5-year operating life*

    Target Applications

    • Non-Volatile Write Cache for RAID
    • Metadata Storage
    • Hash Look-up and Coherency
    • Database Management
    • Tiered Storage
    • Whole System Persistence

    Download AGIGARAM DDR3 Non-Volatile System product family here.

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