Intel, Micron striving to regain lead in NAND tech

Here’s an odd little story about NAND Flash from Intel and Micron taken from Cyber India Online Limited, which credits the story to India’s CyberMedia News wire service. According to this story, Micron has announced that it’s about to start sampling NAND Flash parts based on a 2x nm process technology. Currently the most advanced processing node for Micron is 34nm. Micron and Intel have a joint NAND Flash venture called IM Flash Technologies LLC.

Both Intel and Micron are selling solid-state drives (SSDs) based on their most advanced Flash parts and so both companies have internal incentives to cut per-bit Flash costs as quickly as they can both to make their NAND Flash ICs competitive and to drive down the cost of their SSDs. Cost is now the biggest obstacle for SSDs in their quest to become mainstream storage devices.

Also according to this article, Micron Technology posted its first profit in 3 years during the period ending December 3, 2009 with sales worth $1.74 billion. The company’s NAND business rose 21% quarter over quarter and its DRAM business rose by as much as 50% during the same period. Good tidings indeed for Micron and the Flash business.

Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at 19:26
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